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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

last nite, i read the women weekly, february 2010. ade forecast ikot thn cine. hehe. so, aku lahir 1981. aku tahun ayam. so, nih ler die punye forecast for year 2010. :)

- Popular, creative and loves being the centre of attention. Frens treat you like an Agony Aunt, as you tend to give great advice.

General Forecast for 2010
- Be prepared to experience mixed fortunes in 2010. One way to ride out the tough times is by staying calm and flexible. this year, you may also see yourself thinking of a new career path.

- Competition is KEY this year, so if you want that promotion, make sure you fight for it. March, July and October are good months for important career decisions, but think carefully before u opt for change.

- Be careful with financial losses this year, especially when signing contracts or legal papers. Overall, it will be a good financial year for you, but make sure that your over-confident trait does not stand in your way.

- There will be many chances to enjoy a romance or to take your relationship one step further. However, be careful of loves triangles, which may unfortunately crop up.

- Take extra care of your health, especially if you smoke or enjoy a drink or two. Your stomach and chest will be the weakest this yr. Those who are born in 1945 and 1993 must drink plenty of water as kidney problems are likely to arise.

oo..aku jumpe nih kat ternet..ahahahaha...aku gelak gile bile aku bace yg bold betul way or no way..ahahaha

Roosters are not extremely easy to live with. However, if you can get past their bossy, obstinate, my way or no way exterior, you find a wonderfully romantic, caring individual hidden beneath. Their hearts are made of solid gold and they genuinely care abut their family and friends as mush as they care about themselves (believe it or not!). They are not suited for a sensitive partner, again, their candor and wit can be humiliating at times. Roosters can be highly critical of their partners, often expecting too much of them.
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nih saje je utk sesuke..hehehe...utk jadikan bahan bacaan..or lebih tepat laie..aku xde bahan nak citer dlm blog aku sebenarnya..ahaha :p

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