a lil update

Thursday, August 12, 2010

haluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...its been ages since i update this blog of mine..anyhuuu..lots been happening. lots to tell. but not all can be type here. :o) well, let me start it with whats happening last 8th Aug 2010. Its my best fren birthday, Dayang Suhana or well knOwn as aBab. Happy Birthday dear, may all your wishes, dreams come true.

also on the Aug 8th, i got a bowling game..organised by BPP Selatan, Caw. Jalan...9 pins-strike. so, banyak gak la aku dpt strike. sbb die kire strike ngan jatuhan 9 pin. hehehe...kalau die kire, strike - 10 pins, mmg aku rase payah aku nk skor.

nway, The X Men (BPP Selatan) team won the tournament. my team, the SIPUT PECUT (cute aint it???hehehe) got 3rd place. hehehe. :D and.........i've got the highest score for the ladies..thehehehe...owh!i also got the cabutan bertuah..hek hek...cabutan bertuah tu, i gave it to danial. :D sbb tlg amikkan hadiah2 aku..aku x stay lepas abis game tu. sbb aku tgk ade lagi team yg x abis men..so, aku trus balik.

overall, its a fun game..thO ade kehadiran mereka-mereka yang aku kurang gemar, aku IGNOREkan aje. i was focusing on the game, n those that share my lane. hehehe.

in term of kerja, its been hectic..sometimes, i feel like i'm in hell..yeah, dun ever think that working in the government sector is EASY..can goyang2 kaki one. well, it depends. it depends on where u are instructed to serve. and its also depends on how u work. if u perform well, then all the work will be given to you. see..its depends. :o) dun get me wrong, i do like it working here in BPP Tengah..rather than working in d general directors office..it just sometimes, i feel like i want to cekik2 sum1. hehehe. no need to know who.

mmm tu je la dulu update..byk cerita, banyak isu...tp aku xde mood nak bercerita. :0) so, till nex time. daaa!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Salam Ramadhan Al Mubarak buat semua saudara Islam.

nota kaki: blog ini akan di update kelak. i hope. :o)