Wednesday, December 30, 2009








on this date, a girl was born at 2057 hours to Cik Jijah n Cik Amran... and that girl has turn 28 today..

Dear Allah, thank you for the blessful life that i have. thank you for giving me the strength to face all the obstacles..thank you for all the rezki that i receive...i too thank you for blessing me with a cute adorable daughter, whom i hope n pray that will grow into someone that is succeed in life, a good servant to her creator, an obedient child...insyaAllah...

Happy Birthday to me!

IRI test n photography session!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

few photo...during IRI test in Kuantan

me n my bestfren..so'e/to'et...

me in action..ahahaha

so'e in action with me supervising. hoho!!


Santa Claus from india? hihi


negative thinker

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

been ages since my last apdate. mmm the last 2 days, i was in Kuantan, Pahang. or to be more exact. in FT003, Jalan Kuantan - Pekan Pahang at CH9000. watpe? IRI Test using ARRB Walking Profiler, Rolling - Straight Edge and also the Road Profiler Machine. mmm 2 ari lepas nih, mmg wat aku teringat zaman kat Selia..ehhehe

k.suhana, ade post engineer kosong???hehe

before aku truskan post nih, aku xplain la skit..IRI tu ape..I.R.I stand for International Roughness Index. senang kate, satu indicator yang menunjukkan samada road surface tu rata or tidak. bagi Malaysia, spesifikasi dia untuk jalan yang selesa..tidak bumpy..I.R.I for the surface shud be less than 2.0m/km.

mmmm..on Monday morning tu, the briefing shud start @ 1100 hrs. aku, soe, iswat n wife berkejar dr KL..sbb nak sampai before 11 kat site office. sampai2 site office, yg ade..muke2 kontraktor aje..org2 jkr, AMPEH..sume x sampai laie. yang paling best, presentor pon x sampai2..

aku cukop tensen orang2 yang jenis x gheti nak tepati mase nih. aku x kate sume, tapi majoriti nye camni. aku plak, jenis..ko kate kul 10..kul 930 945 aku dah terpacak kat situ. punctuality. ini satu sikap yang aku perasan org2 JKR xde.

itu satu hal ar. bile dah brief bagai. tibe masa utk Q&A. ok, starting from 2008 nye kontrak, before penyerahan projek jalan tu..kontraktor perlu wat test IRI ni. and dorang kena achieve result IRI tu below 2.0m/km. utk semua stretch tu. then, de la sorang insan bertanya. boleh ke kite achieve 2.0m/km tu? PLUS pon xleh nak achieve. camana jkr nak achieve? kenapa x set IRI 4.0m/km ke?

aku cam.....errr..KENAPA KO NAK BERSIKAP NEGATIVE camtu? kenapa nak set PLUS as ur benchmark? no offense to PLUS. kalau ko dah tau, PLUS xleh achieve, patot ko usaha la utk achieve. kenapa european contries dorang leh set spec dorang 1.5m/km, and dorang ley dapat dat figure? cakap je la ko tu pemalas! eeee..geram tau..wat malu je. mana la JKR nak maju? kalau sume de negative thinkg camni?
cam..belom ape2..ko dah set x boleh buat. ade ko cube ke?

dari start Q&A die asyik nak bernegatip thinking. pakkan la aku bukan chairman, kalau x..aku hempokkan aje ngan kusi. baik xyah dtg, kalau stakat tau nak mengondem. bukan nak bagi suggestion untuk kebaikan ke ape. cam haram je perangai.


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Read this while searching hi n low for my boss-besar request for articles on Project Management. just want to share wif you guys..hehehe.

You Know It Is Time To Get Out of Project Management when......

  • You refer to your other half as the budget holder
  • Your personal life is planned to the end degree
  • You write a project Contract for your next holiday
  • Safe sex involves a risk log and contingency plan
  • You organise your family into a more efficient team based structure
  • The 'deliverable' for Saturday are the shopping and washing
  • You mitigate the risk of your-in-law visiting
  • Finding yourself explaining what Gantt, PERT and CPM diagrams are to people down the pub
  • You enjoy reading the Project Management Book of Knowledge in bed.

got it from here