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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Read this while searching hi n low for my boss-besar request for articles on Project Management. just want to share wif you guys..hehehe.

You Know It Is Time To Get Out of Project Management when......

  • You refer to your other half as the budget holder
  • Your personal life is planned to the end degree
  • You write a project Contract for your next holiday
  • Safe sex involves a risk log and contingency plan
  • You organise your family into a more efficient team based structure
  • The 'deliverable' for Saturday are the shopping and washing
  • You mitigate the risk of your-in-law visiting
  • Finding yourself explaining what Gantt, PERT and CPM diagrams are to people down the pub
  • You enjoy reading the Project Management Book of Knowledge in bed.

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betol2 committed ngan keja sampe terbawak dlm hidup.... nasib baik aku student lg... hehehehe....