im happy for you

Monday, February 15, 2010

first of all..i would like to congratulate my bf, Adi on her wedding last Saturday! i am happy for you. May Allah bless both of you.

anyway, cuti panjang nih. aku xde plan apa2 pon. just the last 2 days (sat n sunday), i was busying myself at Adi's house. helping her with anything. you name it, was tiring, but i have fun!!hehe...who wouldnt? i met all my ol fren in skool. well, not all. all my closest frens is there, to help Adi. Abab, Mawar, Diana. it brings back ol memories in skool. :)

and this is the first wedding that i attended, the solemnization is at 1030 pm!hehehe..the ceremony ends at 12pm++. sorry adi, i couldnt wait till end of the ceremony. umah aku jauh. drive sengsorang plak tu. huhu. tapi aku sgt suke soup gearbox malam tu!aku tbayang bayang siot, tho aku dah sampai umah. hehehe. x puas makan kot. :p

nway, im wishing u both all the best. Azhar, u r one lucky guy. :)

Adi, sayang ko!!congrats again.

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